Thursday, 29 June 2017

Unemployed, Broke and Single (but Unlimited)

By Paddie Denton

Now, I know not everyone leaving University will like (nor choose) these options, you also may not even be leaving University, but for one reason or another these options are still sometimes a harsh reality. I am also aware that the title is probably the worst bio ever for a dating site, but will roll with it and be glad that this isn’t It can be quite easy for me to feel lost in a sea of happy couples, with their annoying ‘we are soooo in love’ happy faces (not bitter). Or dwell in the feeling of being mugged off by your mate with the flash new phone or car with cruise control, while your car is held together more by its rust than actual welding (nope not envious). Or focus on the person from your Tuesday 9 am lecture who always turned up hung-over that has some how landed the job in the actual subject you just spent 3 years studying! (nope not frustrated, not at all).

Okay, so maybe I am a bit bitter with the cards God has dealt me right now. And I hope it's not just me who, despite how much I love them, is jealous of my friends and others around me. Jealous of how much more they have ‘their life together’ than I do, or how much more convicted they are in their vocation, or how straight their path may seem. Maybe it's not quite these words for you, but you get my point, this is my prayer right now. And then, the amazing life events of your friends, which bring so much joy, can be tough. Going to the weddings of people the same age as you, or seeing your friend as a seminarian, or as a novice, thriving. And those of you leaving Uni for the first time it gets worse, as suddenly people younger than you have their life sorted, buying houses, getting engaged, having children, saving lives, going skydiving (I have cool friends), are all bittersweet.

Last weekend, myself and some others from Youth 2000 joined many other groups at Brightlights: Unlimited @ Alton Castle. Now, Brightlights is a mix of Jesus, theatre, music, and friendship, within the grounds of a castle (it ticks a lot of boxes). We were all looking forward to having a bit of fun and light relief. The weekend had a theme of 'unlimited', living life to its fullest through Christ, being everything God intended you to be, living life to its limitless possibilities. As you can imagine, this was not the message I could hear very easily, or wanted to hear, not when I was feeling like I'm no longer achieving much in life. But praise God for confession and the blessed sacrament. That weekend, and more importantly the sacraments, gave me a chance to get out of my head, and actually reflect on where I am and who I am, in the presence of God where the lies of the devil are drowned out. And there I was reminded a simple lesson of vocation and purpose I had forgotten. I remembered through His grace that vocation is living out three simple things: Baptism, Work and Life.


So maybe you're not married. Not joined your favourite religious order. Not gone off to the seminary. Maybe you're very single and no closer on going down any of these paths (raising my hand for this option). But that’s okay. Yeah maybe at times it's lonely. Maybe there are moments where all you want is to ring some one up and lay out all your pains of the day, (had my fair share of these moments recently), but we have friends, families, pets (and they don’t talk back and try to offer advice which wins them bonus points). Being single is a vocation in itself, our service to God can be turned in entirety to it's Church and its people, wherever the Spirit leads us.


So maybe you want to serve God in your work very directly, maybe God is calling you to work for his Church. But maybe that is one day. Maybe God wants you to work in an office, being an example of truth and joy to your work mates. Maybe God wants you to be unemployed, giving your time to pray, explore your creativity, volunteer and give your time. Maybe you didn’t get that job you really wanted because God has something greater for you, waiting. What am I saying is there is no maybe about it, there is something amazing waiting for you, not by our timing but by his. So be patient and listen to the spirit.


Basically none of the above matters. Well, it does, but not outside of the context of your baptised self (and if you are not baptised get on with it). When we are baptised we a baptised Priest, Prophet and King. We are washed and sanctified. As baptised priests, we are called to grow in holiness through prayer and communion with God, and then go out and spread that holiness in our communities, families and friendships.

So, here is the true reality: yes the cards you have right now may not be the cards you thought you would have (or wanted) by this point, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the answer to three questions. Are you striving to greater holiness? Are you sharing the truth? Are you bold and proud to be a loved child of God? For if you answer yes to all three of these then it doesn’t matter that there is no ring on your finger, that your job isn’t what you worked so hard for 3 years for, or that you don’t know if you're called to be a husband or priest, wife or sister, because you are already unlimited. Strive for it, strive for your future vocation, but be content with where you are now, as that’s were God intends you to be.

Holiness doesn’t wait for tomorrow, it could of started yesterday, so let's all embrace it today.

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  1. Also, my little love, life is not static & neither is our vocations. What God wants from you now may morph into more like what you were hoping for some time in the future... keep the faith! Su xxx


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